What Might It Be Prudent For Me to Eat With Vanilla Frozen Yogurt?

You may wonder if it is prudent to eat with vanilla frozen yogurt. If so, here are some tips that might help you avoid a nasty surprise. The vanilla extract is toxic for dogs, but it is harmless for people. A dog gets all of its nutrition from their food, and yogurt has active cultures that convert milk sugar to lactic acid. These bacteria are called probiotics.

A half-cup of vanilla frozen yogurt contains two to three teaspoons of sugar. It is even more loaded with sugar if you choose extra goodies such as cookies, brownies, or candy bars. A nonfat version, on the other hand, requires binders such as cellulose, carrageenan, and guar gum. These ingredients mimic the texture of real cream, and while they are safe for yogurt, they increase its processed nature.

If you are worried about the fat content in ice cream, you can choose sugar-free or low-fat versions. A serving of vanilla ice cream contains seven to eight grams of fat. Low-fat ice cream has less than half that amount. Also, ice cream that contains sugar-free or low-fat versions tend to be icier and less creamy. However, there is no definite answer for this question.

Another option is to experiment with the way you serve the yogurt. Try making a cookie sandwich and serving small scoops on top of cookies. You can also eat it as is or drizzle chocolate syrup on the whole thing. If you really want to make it healthy, eat it with fruit. It will be more satisfying and nutritious for you than other types of toppings. Make it even better by adding nuts or dark chocolate.

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