What Is a Regulation Office?

What is a regulation office? What does it do? And what should you expect of it? There are two main types of offices: regulatory and informational. Both of these offices provide expert legal guidance on rulemaking issues and administrative law. The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs would perform cost-benefit analyses for significant rules. The Office would be nested within the Executive Office of the President and Office of Management and Budget. This structure would make it impossible for an independent review process.

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The main purpose of the Office is to oversee regulatory policy and regulations issued by the executive branch. Its role is important but insufficient to ensure that regulations are accountable. The Congress should set aside staff to review regulatory legislation and issuers. While the OIRA is important, it has structural limitations. If the office is to do its job effectively, it must be staffed by experts in relevant fields. The Office would be charged with overseeing the regulations of agencies, not just with monitoring them.

The regulations of the government are usually issued by regulatory agencies. These bodies issue general statements that carry the force of law. Many of the laws passed by Congress grant the agencies authority to issue regulations. Many of them allow the agencies to exercise discretion and have judicial authority. Many regulations are simply clarifications or amendments of existing rules. There are many different types of regulations and what you should expect from them will depend on the type of agency you work for.

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