Top Reason Cosmetic Dentistry Is Sought

Do you feel like your smile needs some improvements? Misshaped/misaligned, stained/discolored, cracked/broken, or missing tooth, to name a few flaws, can impact your smile. This goes beyond the smile since imperfections can impact your self-esteem. You can address such concerns through cosmetic dentistry, which doesn’t only concentrate on appearance but also oral health and functionality. Your Downtown DC cosmetic dentist can suggest various treatments subject to your needs and treatment goals. The treatments range from veneers, tooth and gum contouring, teeth whitening, and dental bonding, to name a few. Among the reasons you should consider cosmetic dentistry includes:

Enhance your appearance

Missing, crooked, and cracked or broken teeth disfigure the smile and shape of the face. This means your social life is affected, which can escalate to self-isolation. When circumstances force you to be in public, you will tend to cover your mouth when talking or laughing, which is tedious and annoying.

Cosmetic dentistry can help align, whiten, refill, and replace teeth. This restores your smile and helps boost your overall appearance. You won’t have to worry about premature aging signs’ prevalence, and with a dazzling smile, you can easily manage social endeavors. The improved appearance and confidence extend to more faculties and improve the quality of your life.

Improve oral health

Are you among the many who believe cosmetic dentistry only focuses on appearance? While that is not entirely wrong, cosmetic dentistry also offers some restorative benefits that can help improve your oral health. For instance, gaps between crooked teeth trap food. Cleaning such spots is challenging, which means the dirt can easily accumulate, become plaque, and expose you to health threats, including cavities, decay, and gum disease.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures like bonding and veneers help address such gaps. This makes it easier to maintain an effective oral hygiene regimen. Your brushing and flossing efforts will be more productive, making it easier to avoid accumulation that provides great room for bacteria to bleed and cause infections.

A confidence boost

Cosmetic dentistry does not just enhance your mile. Concerns like cracked chipped, or gaps affect your speech, which can affect your confidence. You are less likely to let your voice be heard in social settings if you struggle to make a smooth conversation. Cosmetic procedures fill the gap, which makes it easier to talk. Your confidence levels will hit new highs with an improved appearance and brighter smile. This improves your productivity and success rates in other areas.

Better functionality

Cosmetic dentistry can help bridge the gaps and address teeth sensitivity and pain concerns. This makes it easier to bite and chew your food correctly. Dental functionality like chewing is easily overlooked, yet it impacts your digestive and overall health. If pain or sensitivity makes it hard to chew, you are at an increased risk of choking and experiencing digestive problems. Options like veneers offer a fast solution to pain, improving dental functionality and boosting your nutritional quests.  

Most cosmetic dentistry procedures do not require downtime, making restoring your smile easier. Others are not overwhelming and feature shorter recovery periods, allowing you to address more demanding cosmetic issues. Contact SPA Dental Group today for more on cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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