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In Hindi-speaking states, land records are commonly referred to as Bhulekh. These records are not legal documents, but they serve as a proof of ownership. A Bhulekh portal allows anyone to search for property and land records in one place. It is a transparent and user-friendly website, so anyone can access these records. There are several other benefits to using Bhulekh, such as facilitating transparency in land record management.

Digitalisation has revolutionized land records Increasing transparency has made land record-keeping easier and more accessible than ever. This has reduced the need for tedious paper work and allowed citizens to check their land information online in just a few minutes. Through the Bhulekh website, citizens can view and modify land records, view maps, and even make modifications to their land record. With this new technology, the Bhulekh system is becoming more accessible and efficient, reducing the likelihood of lawsuits, small abuses, and illegal land possession

Once you’ve registered, you can check your land ownership details by visiting the Bhulekh UP website. You can also download plot maps and print them for easy reference. You can even check your land ownership history on the Bhulekh website – all you need is your village, tehsil, and district. Once you have logged in, you can view your land ownership details and search for property.

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