Stress Test Breakdown – Everything To Know 

Cardiologists suggest you take a stress test to get a clear picture of how the blood gets circulated in your body when you are working out. The test is like a mirror that shows everything wrong in the blood circulation while working out and can help experts to find the best way of helping your heart. 

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Cardiac Stress Test 

CST is a kind of tool that offers both prognostic and diagnostic ways of understanding heart issues in people. It can help in understanding many things such as 

  • CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)
  • Non-CAD 

CAD is a way of diagnosing the stability of heart condition along with the chances of understanding a person can develop chest pain in the later years. 

Non-CAD helps in evaluating the chances of a person developing valvular heart disease in the later years. 

Stress Test Break Down 

The expert services that you choose will first walk you through the step-by-step procedure of stress tests. It also helps you understand the right way of preparing for the test. 

Experts suggest you not take anything for a certain time interval before the test to get accurate results. This test is conducted by attaching some reading lines on and around your chest region while making you walk on a treadmill or a stationary cycling unit. 

The speed will be increased gradually after a few minutes to check the way your heart can cope with the stress. 

The procedure is continued till your heart can no longer take the stress, and in turn, makes you run out of breath or feel more tired. 

The EKG machine that will be connected to the other end of the lines that are attached to your body will note down all the ups and downs that happen in the electrical waves of your heart throughout the procedure. 

The main focus of an EKG machine is to assess your blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, electrical activity, and everything else that happens in your heart. 

The stress test is the best and also the most preferred way for cardiologists to understand the working mechanism of the heart. The test results will be very accurate and can shed light on the condition of your heart. 

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