Six Common Symptoms of Depression in Tarpon Springs

Depression may cause you to feel despair, preventing you from taking part in activities you used to enjoy. Also, you may not be able to sleep properly and have difficulty making decisions. Physical symptoms such as fatigue are also common in people with depression tarpon springs.

While millions of people suffer from depression, every case is different. Sometimes, diagnosing depression can be difficult because people suffer from different kinds of depression and have varying symptoms. Those who tend to feel down persistently should understand the effects and signs of depression. This way, they can determine if they are experiencing a serious mental health condition. The following are common signs of depression:

Low Mood

Feeling down occasionally is normal. But if such feelings persist, you may be dealing with depression. Symptoms of anxiety can happen together with depression. Also, you may have feelings that are undesirable is about to happen. In some instances, you may feel numb and find it hard to respond to what’s going on with you. 

Loss of Interest in Things You Used to Enjoy

If you have depression, you may not be interested in doing household chores, engaging in social activities, or going to work. The things you used to be interested in may suddenly not appeal to you. You may not have the desire or the energy for them.

Feelings of Hopelessness and Guilt

A lot of those who are living with depression can feel extreme guilt about previous actions or events. Also, they may feel guilty about their depression. It is common for them to have low self-esteem and feel hopeless. 


Depression can also cause physical symptoms, which mimic other conditions. Depressed people may feel fatigued, which tends to stick around even if they get adequate sleep. Also, depression can cause a person to feel like things are taking place very slowly and they still cannot keep up due to physical and mental exhaustion. 

Problem Focusing and Making Decisions

Depression can impair a person’s ability to concentrate. They may feel like they have a brain fog that does not seem to stop. Or they may worry that may not be able to think straight again. People with depression can forget important appointments and may not be able to make even simple decisions. 

Appetite and Weight Changes

Depression can cause changes in a person’s eating habits and weight. It can cause some to have an increased appetite and cause others to lose their desire for food. Also, sufferers may lose or gain weight unintentionally. 

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