Is it Okay for a Woman to Become a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

There are some women in the legal profession who are transforming their careers into a new field, including a criminal defense attorney. However, a glass ceiling still exists in many fields, including Silicon Valley. Nevertheless, women do not face any limitations or restrictions in the courtroom, where the stakes are high: your client’s career, earning potential, and freedom. A woman who wants to become a criminal defense lawyer should consider the advantages and disadvantages of her new career path.

Unlike Becker, Bonjean has a history of advocating for sexual assault victims. Her official bio is less hokey, stating that her work as a victim advocate led her to law school. She hopes to change the justice system from within. After defending Bill Cosby in the appeals process, she determined that he was unfairly convicted because of a flawed system.

A criminal lawyer must be well-versed in the law and have strong critical thinking skills. Criminal lawyers must be able to analyze complex information and deal with difficult situations. They must be aggressive, yet remain patient. They must never let anything go unnoticed in a case. But despite the stereotypes, becoming a criminal lawyer is a rewarding and gratifying career choice.



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