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How to View Photos in Facebook Messenger

When viewing your conversation on Messenger, you can click on the: “i” icon next to the person’s name. Then, click on “Photos.” A list of all saved photos will appear. Click on a photo to see all of them. You can also choose to view only recent photos by scrolling down the conversation. This will allow you to view all photos sent and received by that person.

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Alternatively, you can save the images you receive by opening a conversation in Messenger and selecting “Save image” from the list. You can also tap “Save image” if the sender has sent you multiple images. Once you’ve saved images, open the conversation in Messenger Merdb on your iPhone. The images will open in full-screen mode. You can then copy and paste the image link in your phone’s address book to share it with other people.

To view the photos shared by other users, log in to Messenger and select the conversation you want to view. Tap “Home” to return to the conversation view. Then, choose “View photos” from the drop-down menu. Scroll through the Sportspress conversation until you find the photo. If you don’t see the photo, you can delete the conversation and remove it from your Messenger. You can also delete the shared photos.

Another way to view photos from Messenger is to save the photo in the Image Gallery. The Messenger app is free to download Codeplex on most major mobile platforms. You can view screenshots of this feature by visiting the Facebook Messenger app’s settings. Navigate to the ‘Photos & Media’ section. You can toggle the “Save on Capture” option on your Messenger. This will save the photo on your phone Freshwap.

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