How to Tell If a Mechanic is Cheating

Whether you know it or not, car mechanics are not a cut above the rest. They may use tacky methods to get more money from you. In some cases, mechanics will diagnose problems based on an isolated noise or the condition of an exhaust pipe. If you suspect a mechanic of cheating, seek out a second opinion from another shop. Some mechanics will tell you that they will charge you more for a repair than it truly requires.

When it comes to price, you must remember that mechanics are required to make a profit in order to stay in business. If you’re not familiar with car repairs, mechanics who offer cheap services are probably promising you brand-name products. Moreover, some mechanics will sell you replacement parts at rock-bottom prices but “diagnose” other problems with expensive parts. In these cases, the mechanic is cheating you out of more money than is necessary.

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A mechanic who spies on you is likely dishonest. Even an oil change can turn into a $200 bill. A mechanic’s incentive to upsell services is based partly on commission, which makes them more likely to suggest extras. Some of these mechanics may even cause damage during the inspection. To avoid these situations, insist on a written estimate before you give them your money.

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