How To Prepare For An Oral Surgery Procedure

Do you know that wisdom teeth are the last to develop? This set of teeth provides support in the back of your mouth. Besides, they help to grind tough foodstuffs. Unfortunately, the jaw bone in some people may not be large enough to accommodate the third molars. As a result, when these teeth set in, they may not come through the gum line properly.

These impacted teeth can cause swelling in the gum, thus necessitating extraction through oral surgery in Huntington Beach. Preparing adequately for the best experience during and after oral surgery would be best. Here are things to do before your surgery appointment.

Be Informed

How well do you know the oral surgery procedure? Whether you have sought this procedure or not, it is good to know what to expect. Take time and research this procedure for deeper insight into what it entails.

Alternatively, you can make inquiries from your surgeon. Ask them about how long the procedure will take. By getting the answers, you ease the anxiety that you could have.

Seek Support

In most cases, the surgeon will administer sedatives before the procedure. The idea here is to make you relaxed during teeth extraction. However, the sedation effects do not recede immediately after the procedure.

Consequently, it can be risky for you to drive yourself back home. It is therefore recommended to request your friends or family to accompany you. These individuals can also help you take care of your kids during recovery.


Sometimes the extraction of wisdom teeth may require complex surgery. In that case, the surgeon will use general anesthesia to ease discomfort during the procedure. Nevertheless, anesthesia can cause inspiration, especially with a full stomach.

This condition occurs when the stomach content flows to the respiratory system. It would help to avoid meals at least six hours before surgery to minimize this risk. You can have a small sip of water if you need any drugs.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol has many detrimental effects on your body. Alcoholic compounds have the potential to weaken the immune system. Consequently, the operated gum will be prone to infections, thus retarding the healing.

Besides, drinking can expose you to excessive bleeding during surgery. Suspend alcohol intake for at least twenty-four hours before surgery. Quitting alcohol altogether will have other benefits to your overall health.

Choose Right Clothing

You will want to wear comfy clothes for your operation. This is not the best time to display your fashion closet. Wear short-sleeved clothes to avoid hassle during the administration of the IV drip.

Your surgeon will do their best to prevent stains in your garments during surgery. However, just in case, putting on an outfit you do not mind ruining is good. Avoid wearing contact lenses since you may spend much time closing your eyes due to general anesthesia.

Do you have gum inflammation due to impacted teeth? Oral surgery can help you extract those teeth effectively. It is good to prepare for your procedure to run smoothly. Start by researching oral surgery to know what it entails. This way, you will ease the restlessness that you could be having. If you drink, you should avoid this habit for at least twenty-four hours before the appointment. Wearing comfy outfits is also recommended for easier administration of the IV drip.

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