How to Minimize Your Risk of Hypertension

Hypertension is a condition that occurs when your arteries pump blood at a higher rate than normal. It can occur due to narrowing arteries, reducing the pathway for blood transportation. You can minimize the risk of Port Saint Lucie hypertension by adjusting your lifestyle habits like diet and exercise.

If untreated, hypertension can cause severe conditions like heart disease or stroke, affecting your daily life and performance. 

Factors that can help minimize your risk of hypertension

The following tips can help you reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

Healthy diet

The health of your cardiovascular system depends on the foods that you consume. If you eat sugary and fatty foods, your arteries will likely suffer fatty deposits, which increase your blood pressure. On the other hand, if you eat a heart-healthy diet consisting of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables, your arteries will be healthier and pump blood without the added pressure.

Maintain a healthy weight

When you are carrying excess weight, you increase your chances of hypertension. Your body struggles to accommodate the extra weight, which can tax your cardiovascular system. Your heart muscles, arteries, and veins are strained and have to pump blood faster than in people with a healthy weight.

Remember, hypertension increases with weight gain, so you should consider medical weight loss if portion control and exercise to lose weight are ineffective.

Physical activity

Your specialist might recommend daily exercises to keep your body moving and burn off excess calories. Daily walking, jogging, or bicycle riding can help keep your heart rate and muscles healthy. If you don’t love aerobic exercises, you can engage in strength training to build stronger heart muscles and include walking as a form of cardio.

Adequate sleep

Inadequate sleep increases your chances of hypertension. Enough sleep helps your body relax and repair itself, but if you don’t get enough sleep, your cardiovascular system can be stressed due to fatigue and lack of proper rest. If you sleep for less than seven hours, you are at a higher risk of hypertension than someone who sleeps for seven to eight hours.

Do not smoke

Nicotine stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, increasing your blood pressure. You should reduce cigarette smoking or eliminate the habit, to maintain normal hypertension levels.  

How to manage hypertension

If you have or are at risk of high blood pressure and lifestyle adjustments are ineffective, your doctor can prescribe medications. The drugs can help you maintain normal blood pressure and live healthily. It’s important to check your blood pressure at home and carry your readings to the doctor during your wellness checks. Recording hypertension readings can help your doctor determine the effectiveness of your current treatment. 

If you struggle with hypertension, visit the TLC Medical Group Inc. for treatment. The highly qualified medical team at the center will evaluate your medical history and lifestyle before creating a highly personalized treatment plan. Call or book your appointment online to maintain a normal blood pressure level. 

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