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How to fix oily skin, dehydrated skin, large pores

Many people may not know the condition of our faces. Can change at any time according to the weather or within our own body, such as stress, hormonal changes, etc., but sometimes the changes lead to problems of the skin of the face. Today we have a simple solution. If someone has the following skin conditions This method can be applied at all.

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oily skin

It can be caused by many reasons, such as heat, stress, using cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin type. These are the reasons why the sebaceous glands work more than normal. the edit part Just clean your face in the morning and evening with products suitable for your skin type. Avoid touching your face and stress. And if anyone has a very oily skin, using blotting papers is another great help.

dehydrated skin

It is the appearance of dry, cracked, uneven skin. Caused by dehydration of the top layer of skin and can be any skin type Whether dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin, the cause can be caused by many reasons, such as being in an unusual climate, too hot or too cold. Or it could be because some chemicals or drugs interact with the top layer of the skin. easily dehydrated dehydrated skin correction In addition to consulting beauty institutes An easy and simple way to do this is to hydrate your skin with frequent sips of water. Avoid frequent scrubbing and peeling.

large pores

Even at present, there is no cure for it. But there are ways to take care of our faces to look better than before. Most people with this problem tend to use surgical methods, such as heat treatment of tissues. Skin resurfacing or laser In addition, skin care does not cause acne. Which is the cause of enlarged pores can reduce this problem. But if anyone wants to have smooth skin immediately, it can be solved by applying makeup along with skin care.

when your face is greasy The makeup that Bo came in this morning had almost completely dissolved since before noon. Ouch… oily skin problem How annoying! Plus, the foam used can’t reduce acne. Lots of new acne! before getting even more annoyed. We have a good helper for the girls in front of it.

Cleansing foam to reduce acne that helps reduce oiliness on the face. eliminate excess oil, tighten pores and help solve acne problems at the same time Let’s consider it.

1. NIVEA White Oil Clear 5 in 1 Foam

It is a cleansing foam to reduce acne especially for people with oily skin. This one contains pearl extracts. Thus helping to nourish the skin to look naturally bright. no dull face during the day It also helps reduce excess oil that is the cause of acne. and also nourishes the skin to be soft and moist Look very young.

2. Acne-Aid liquid Cleanser

It is an anti-acne cleansing gel for oily skin that helps to remove excess oil. and also helps control oiliness during the day with hypo-allergenic formula (Hypo-Allergenic) has a balanced pH, so it’s gentle for sensitive skin. Non-irritating, soap-free, suitable for people with oily face problems. and skin prone to acne prone

3. the SAEM URBAN ECO Harakeke Foam Cleanser

Facial foam to reduce acne, a Korean brand that contains Harakeke plant ingredients imported from New Zealand. Clean the skin thoroughly. stay hydrated Revitalizes dry and damaged skin

4. Preme Nobu Natural Face Foam

Cleansing foam to reduce acne, formula for oily face. Helps maintain balance for healthy skin With natural extracts such as Tea Tree Oil, gentle on the skin. Fine foam particles Wash off dirt and oil deeply. Removes excess oil in a balanced way. Reduce acne and pimples

5. Ziiit Wash pH Balance

Ziiit Wash Cleansing Gel pH Balance is also one of my favorite acne-reducing cleansing gels. It is a clear gel with pH Balance 5.5, so it’s gentle on the skin. It contains Pentavitin, which is a good moisturizer. moisturize No soap ingredients It does not cause irritation and is a Non-Clog Pores formula that does not clog pores. Multi-vitamin and Natural Extract help nourish the skin.


It is an acne-reducing foam formula for those with oily face problems. and acne problems Helps cleanse the skin thoroughly eliminate excess oil Contains no harmful chemicals Contains no preservatives

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