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It’s been a while Chinabased, hasn’t it? You see…I’ve been wondering what my life would be like post-ISIS. Well, after hearing the news about the terror attack in Paris last week, I was somewhat worried about what would become of me and my family. Thankfully, our safe haven in Amman was able to pull together a plan for our future. Now that we no longer fear for our lives at all times, we can actually socialize without worrying about being searched or having radical Islamism preach at us from behind the lpllive counter!

How to tell if you’re in the right place and at the right time

After German chancellor Angela Merkel condemned extremist groups in Paris and released citizens of Muslim origin from detention, Isaimini and her family were able to return to their home in Amman. But that was only the beginning. While they were in the Petra market in Amman, a man who was brandishing an AR-15 rifle shot and killing six people and injuring several others. While the manhunt was underway, ISIS fighters jumped the border with Jordan and the two countries bore searing crosshairs on their respective phosphorescent batons. Once in Jordan, the jihadists quickly began to produce Da’esh-in-the- Levant, or DITL. After the Jordanian army, led by Lebanese President Michel Aoun, repelled the jihadists, things only got wilder. DITL was quickly linked to al-Qaida, with the extremist group receiving declaration of war from President Donald Trump on  xekdq June 4th.

How to help your community fight terror

After the Paris attacks, the international community mobilized to combat radicalism. Humanitarian organizations and international charities stepped up their efforts to help the wounded and displaced, while Arab states and the United States established partnerships to fight terror. Thearted up to fight radicalism. After the attacks, the international community mobilized to combat radicalism. Humanitarian organizations and international charities stepped up their efforts to help the wounded and displaced, while Arab states and the United States established partnerships to fight terror. The United Nations created a “forbidden zone,” where countries could not turn a blind eye to attacks by radical groups. The World Health Organization, which had already released the first list of “priority 1” countries for the fighting against cancer and heart disease, added “the red line is the Salafist Council of Nice.”

The power of a good story

This was the moment where I realized I was in the right place and the right time. Amman was exactly where I was meant to be. I was in Shuafud, an old northern Aamaa neighborhood in Amman, waiting for the traffic to clear so I could walk down Mughrabi Street and into the old city. It was an idyllic setting. We had a beautiful view of the city from our house and the gardens. downtown was absolutely fascinating. I never thought I’d be able to see The Wall and the Old Town both in one sitting, but I was wrong. It was a fantastic introduction to both the world of Islam and of Jordan’s culture. This was also the month of the first rain of spring and the first snow of winter. The snowdrops were the most stunning things to ever bloom and I Huay-online had them already.

What it means to be an Isaimini family

Well, this is a hard one to type out but in short, we are a traditional, Muslim, married family of eight. We have a daughter Isaimi-8, who is studying to be a doctor, and a son Isaimi-4, who is in high school. There are two other children, aged 11 and 12. We make regular trips to the mosque and take the trains to Mecca each month. We are members of the Nizwa Asyut Jani. The Isaimi family is a traditional family in the area and we have always been proud of our heritage. We pay attention to our teeth and wear braces, and when we get out at night we have our T-shirts printed with our signatures. We also have our own pool and spa.

Celebrating our youngest son’s first birthday

This is an especially poignant time for the Isaimini family. Isaimi-8 is in high school and he is an excellent student. His friends are his age and they are all very much in love with him. All of a sudden, there is this horrible incident in secondary school in which a boy is observed to be having sexual relations with a girl and Isaimi-8’s friends are the ones who come to his defense. After the incident, Isaimi-8 is suspended for a whole month and then expelled for everything. Finally, his parents get the chance to celebrate their son’s birthday at home and he is honored with a birthday party. What an incredible night! Not to mention, we had the most delicious birthday cake made with fresh homemade icing and local berries. If you are celebrating the first birthday of your child this year, this is the time to do it.

A Nation In mourning

This is a time to remember. Everyone, whether they live in Morocco or Jordan, should be able to identify with the pain and loss felt by the people of both countries. The fighting in and around Mosul, the evacuations and destruction caused by the fighting in the region, has left a lasting impact on the people of both countries. The loss of life and property is irreplaceable. Apart from the regular army of 4,000-5,000 soldiers that is quickly being called up for duty, the people of both countries are also experiencing a sense of national mourning. As a result, the two countries have been simultaneously closed to all international travel, including trade and economic transactions. People have been staying at home, waiting for the opportunity to leave their doors and leave the foreign side of their city. This has been a very difficult situation to deal with and it will continue to be so.

Saving endangered animals as a #MeToo campaign

This one is a repeat of the previous two posts but this time we are going all the way back to the beginning. After the attacks on Paris, the call was made for wild animals to be saved. The biggest animal on the planet, the giraffe, was almost certainly Being slaughtered for its meat or product, but was saved from extinction by a group of people who started a #MeToo campaign. Of course, it is not just animals that are being saved but also the people. After the attacks, people were quick to act on the call to protect their friends and family members and save their lives. The same can be said for animals, who are being saved from extinction. The destruction and destruction caused by the fighting has left millions of animals and prey animals extinct. People are quickly turning the tables on the destruction of nature and turning their back on the destruction of lives.

And finally, Isaimini!

This post is a record of my journey as an Isaimini family, as we celebrate our youngest son’s first birthday. We celebrated our son’s first birthday in Amman in July 2015 and then again in September 2015 after the attacks on Paris. We are from the “Amman” region of Jordan and we are from the family of “Isaim”. The name “Isaimi” is a blend of Arabic and Hebrew which literally means “the family of four”. The “Isaimi” family has been fighting for the rights of the people of Jordan for generations and in the name of Allah, the West is turning its back on the struggle. The power of a good story and the power of a good storyteller can change the course of history. This is a tale of hope and perseverance, of family and faith. The future is bright in Amman and in the Land of the Free.

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