Achieving Mastery of Kagura in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: A Guide to Winning Battles

Kagura is a mobile legends character with a distinctive set of abilities and powerful attacks. However, this character’s complexity makes it a challenge to use, so it is not the best choice for those just starting out with the game. Here is a guide to help with the use of Kagura’s skills.

Comprehending the Adeptness of Kagura’s Capabilities

Kagura is a special hero with two distinct sets of abilities, divided into when she is using her umbrella and when she is not. When she has her umbrella in hand, Kagura has the capacity to both damage opponents and shield herself from assaults. Without her umbrella, Kagura is able to move around the battlefield and launch attacks from a distance.

For Kagura, her initial ability entails hurling her umbrella at adversaries to cause harm and impede their progress. Her second ability enables her to teleport to the spot her umbrella is at, furnishing her with a fast escape or a means to catch up to escaping opponents. Her ultimate power generates a defensive circle around her that inflicts damage on enemies and stuns them.

In the absence of a parasol, Kagura is able to use her initial skill to manipulate the umbrella from a distance to cause damage to foes. Her secondary capacity permits her to teleport to the umbrella’s spot and receive a shield to provide her with extra defense. Lastly, her ultimate technique involves shooting out a chain that drags adversaries towards her, inflicting injury as well as stunning them.

Kagura’s abilities can be utilized in various ways.

To get the most out of Kagura’s abilities, gamers must recognize the contrasts between her umbrella-holding and umbrella-free states. When she has the umbrella, they should concentrate on using her initial skill to cause harm to adversaries and her second ability to get away from danger or pursue escaping foes. Her ultimate power should be employed to stun adversaries and safeguard herself from oncoming assaults.

In the lack of an umbrella, players are encouraged to make use of Kagura’s initial ability to manipulate her umbrella and cause harm to foes. Her subsequent skill should be used to teleport to the spot of her umbrella to achieve a shield for increased defense. Her ultimate skill should be activated to draw enemies towards her and inflict damage, setting them up for a combination with her other abilities.

Different combinatory techniques and approaches can be employed when it comes to problem-solving. These may include strategies and combinations that have been previously established or new ones that are formed to help solve the issue.

The 1-3-1-2-3-2-1 combo is one of the best ways to make use of Kagura’s abilities. By using her first skill while holding her umbrella, followed by her ultimate, and then switching to umbrella-free to control it and attack the opponents, this combo can be repeated with her second skill to teleport to the umbrella and gain a shield.

Players should take advantage of Kagura’s ultimate skill by attempting to stun as many foes as they can and then continuing with other abilities. Additionally, they should be mindful of the timing of her ultimate move to gain the upper hand in combat.


Equipment is needed to perform any task and tools are one of the essential elements to get the job done.

When playing Kagura, it is essential to choose the right equipment. Depending on the team’s needs, two distinct sets of gear can be employed. The first is geared towards dealing sustained damage and includes such items as Glowing Wand, Calamity Reaper, Enchanted Talisman, Blood Wings, Arcane Boots, and Holy Crystal. The other set is used to control the field and consists of Ice Queen Wand, Disaster Truncheon, Arcane Boots, Feather of Heaven, Glowing Wand, and Enchanted Talisman.

The sequence in which one acquires items is of utmost importance, with the main focus being on obtaining cooldown reduction and magic power items first. Shoes do not have a big influence in Kagura’s gameplays and can be gotten in any order. Additionally, players should contemplate employing the Flameshot combat spell, which can be used to push adversaries away and cause harm, or the Flicker battle spell, which can be used to quickly evade danger or approach escaping opponents.

Strategies for Experiencing Kagura

For those looking to try their hand at Kagura, here are some helpful tips.

To excel at Kagura, it is important to gain expertise in her abilities and combos, practice good timing when using her ultimate skill, and be mindful of the team’s requirements when preparing and playing.

In order to be successful while playing Kagura, it is essential to keep an eye on the adversaries and anticipate their future actions. This can be achieved by watching their techniques and motions and subsequently changing your approach accordingly. Furthermore, players should be mindful of their environment and employ Kagura’s abilities to both stay away from danger and inflict damage to the enemies.

The Final Note

This guide is important to read if you select Kagura for playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Make sure to obtain the game through the Redfinger Android emulator link and practice often in order to become a pro at the game.

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