7 Dental Issues an Emergency Dentist in Richmond Can Fix

Visiting an emergency dentist can always help in getting quick treatment so you don’t risk exaggerating the problem. As time progresses, you need costlier or more advanced treatment. Want to know what are the dental issues that emergency dentistry Richmond can fix immediately? Here are the key issues because of which you should visit an emergency dentist: 

1. Tooth Restoration Damage

Your teeth get quite vulnerable if a dental implant or filling gets loose and possibly breaks. Even though restorations protect teeth, removing/damaging them exposes your teeth to severe risks. Your existing teeth and oral health get exposed to the risk of damage from infections. 

2. Missing/Damaged Teeth

You should never ignore chipped, broken, or lost teeth, and visit an emergency dentist. The quicker you get treatment, the better you can preserve your teeth. 

3. Oral Pain

Toothache/throbbing gums indicate severe oral health issues, such as tooth decay and gingivitis. If the pain stays for more than a day, quickly visit an emergency dentist. Temporary dental pain staying for over a day indicates worse issues. 

4. Face Swelling

Your face swells because of tooth infection and trauma, which can also cause oral pain. Sometimes, swelling occurs because of gum disease, Vitamin C deficiency, and wisdom tooth growth.    

5. Broken Denture

Fragile dentures may break easily without proper care. Visiting an urgent dentist can help if you drop your dentures, eat something very hard or do anything that breaks your dentures. Denture repair, which takes many days, can be the only solution. An emergency dentist implements expertise to fix your broken denture. 

6. Dental Injuries

If you get a critical dental injury, you should consult an emergency dentist as they require immediate attention. Wait for a dentist’s availability for additional treatment if your tooth only has a minor chip. 

7. Knocked Out Teeth

If you fully knock out your tooth, you should try to manage it the least. You can put it immediately back inside the socket, bite it down with moist gauze and take care to prevent swallowing the tooth. If the tooth doesn’t stay inside the socket, rinse it off or remove visible dirt. Store it inside a container of milk or saliva until your first appointment. 

The Bottomline

Are you having any of the dental issues mentioned above? If yes, visit an emergency dentist in Richmond right away. Book an appointment with the best dentist to get rid of your dental issues and improve your oral health

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