5 Signs You Can Benefit From Custom-Made Orthotics

Problems with the anatomy of your feet may be causing you pain when standing, walking, or running. Also, problems like diabetes, plantar fasciitis, and sciatica can be the reason behind your foot and ankle pain. However, if your pain persists and impacts your daily life, custom made orthotics Colorado Springs can help.

Custom orthotics are designed to treat various foot conditions by improving your gait, posture, and mobility. They also help in the even distribution of body weight, thus reducing muscle strain and relieving pain. If you’re wondering who is an ideal candidate, below are five ways you can benefit from custom orthotics.

1.     You’ve been experiencing persistent foot pain

Have you suffered chronic foot pain or swelling when standing, walking, or running? If so, it’s time that you consult your podiatrist for custom orthotics. Because of their additional arch support, custom orthotics will ease your pain.

Furthermore, it would help if you didn’t overlook persistent foot pain as it indicates a severe underlying issue. If you’re overweight or have plantar fasciitis, your feet are prone to inflammation and pain. However, wearing custom orthotics will cushion your feet from straining and pain.

2.     You’re suffering from flat feet or a high arch

Anatomical problems in your feet result in inadequate support, causing foot pain or overpronation. Individuals with flat feet or no arch are prone to experiencing severe foot pain even when standing for a few hours. If left untreated, flat feet can cause other debilitating foot conditions.

While regular shoes are designed for normal feet, your podiatrist can create custom orthotics to support the required foot. These devices minimize rolling and relieve extra pressure on your arch. Therefore, get custom orthotics to prevent more severe consequences if you’ve been diagnosed with flat feet or high arch.

3.     You have arthritis

Joint arthritis causes inflammation and pain; if ignored, the condition advances quickly. You can experience symptoms like swelling, stiffness, and pain in and around your joints. In most cases, arthritis results in pain and mobility issues.

Even though you should undergo arthritis treatment, custom orthotics will help cushion your feet during recovery. Moreover, they reduce strain and stress in your joints and boost your healing. Custom orthotics also benefit senior adults at a higher risk of getting wotpost arthritis.

4.     You stand for prolonged hours

If your everyday job requires you to stay on your feet for long hours, it eventually leads to foot, knee, and back pain. Standing for five hours or more causes considerably lower-limb muscle exhaustion. This can cause long-term discomfort and musculoskeletal diseases.

You will experience more adverse effects, including severe plantar fasciitis if left untreated. Nonetheless, custom orthotics help ease the tension on your feet and relieve pain. Therefore, you can carry on with your daily activities without pain or discomfort.

5.     You’re diabetic

If you have diabetes, you should take good care of your feet. People with diabetes are likely to experience serious foot problems usually caused by ill-fitting shoes. From foot ulcers, blisters, and infections to venous diseases, wearing unsupportive shoes can result in more complex foot issues.

However, if you have diabetes, using custom orthotics will prevent numerous foot conditions. Also, patients recovering from foot issues like leg ulcers can try custom orthotics. The better side of these devices is that you can comfortably wear them despite your underlying foot problem.

Custom orthotics will provide significant relief if you’ve been struggling with foot pain. They correct your alignment and improve your mobility. Most importantly, they act as preventive measures and ward off discomfort before any severe problem arises.

Finding the right podiatrist to tailor your orthotics ensures you enjoy their outcome in the long run. In addition, a podiatrist has various options, especially those that suit your needs. Wear your custom orthotics and say no more to foot pain!

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