5 Key Components of a Dental Examination

Living with a painful cavity, tooth loss, or severe infection can be challenging because it affects various aspects of your health. You can only treat and prevent such dental conditions through a regular dental exam. Undergoing a dental exam Freeland helps inspect your teeth and identify signs of dental conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Your dentist also examines your mouth, face, and neck for abnormalities like oral cancer. You also get to actively participate in your oral health because you are taught oral hygiene and foods that are best for your body. Here are some vital components of a dental exam you should know about.

Professional teeth cleaning

Most dentists usually perform professional cleaning as part of your regular check-up. The process involves removing plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth. When plaque is allowed to accumulate and remain on the surface of your teeth, they harden and calcify, forming tartar.

Flossing and brushing only help eliminate plaque but cannot remove tartar. You end up having yellowed teeth, and it also harbors acid-producing bacteria. After a dental cleaning, the dentist usually flosses and polishes your teeth, thus giving you a healthy smile.

Visual inspection

A key aspect of your dental exam is the visual examination of your teeth. During your appointment, your dentist thoroughly examines your teeth to look for any indicators of a dental concern. Detecting dental problems in their early stages makes treatment easy.

It is quite easy to deal with dental problems during their early stages than when they have already advanced to the late stages. It is also faster and less time-consuming to deal with conditions when complications have yet to develop. The results of your examinations help your dentist determine which other treatments you may need throughout the session.

Fluoride treatment

After scheduling the examination, your dentist usually determines whether you require fluoride treatment or not. Your dentists may recommend a fluoride treatment when you have a high risk of developing teeth cavities. Fluoride therapy protects against tooth decay for about six months.

Your care provider may also recommend other preventive treatments. Examples of such therapies include a tooth sealant or fluoride varnish. You will always be assured that your dentist will assess your need for fluoride treatment during your regular check-up.

Examination of the bite

Your dentist also examines your jaw, especially the alignment of your teeth. Impressions or x-rays of your teeth are taken to help you have a clear view of your teeth and gums. They can also see what is happening below your gums and on the surface of your teeth.

When your dentist identifies any dental problem with your bite, he might recommend suitable therapies. Most of which help align your teeth to achieve an even bite. Therefore, having your teeth checked by a dentist regularly is essential.

Screening for oral cancer

Just like other cancers, oral cancer can be successfully treated when caught in the early stages. However, if the disease is left untreated, it might eventually result in death. The only way to know you have the disease is by undergoing regular oral exams.

Your dentist will be the first care provider to detect the early signs of malignancy. That is why you should ensure you adhere to all your dental appointments. The dentist also examines your mouth, neck, and face to help detect any abnormalities.

You can ensure that your teeth remain healthy by undergoing a dental exam after every six months. It is during such appointments that dental problems such as tooth decay and oral cancer can be detected. The appropriate treatment for the identified concerns is also given.

When last did you have your teeth examined? Ensure you schedule a dental exam appointment at least twice a year. You not only have your mouth examined but are also taught about oral hygiene and the types of foods to eat to promote your oral and overall health makeeover.

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